Wedding Basics Part II: What You Do Have To Do

Now that we’ve covered the extensive (and hopefully liberating) list of things you don’t have to do when planning your wedding, let’s talk about the (much shorter) list of things you DO have to do.

You Have To:

  • Be gracious when you receive offers for help or advice.
  • Make the groom’s opinion count as much as yours. He’ll be 50% of the marriage, so he deserves to have his voice heard before the party, too.
  • Speak up if you feel like the wedding is no longer about what really matters: starting and celebrating a union between you and your significant other!
  • Make your ceremony and reception a reflection of you and your partner. Make your guests comfortable. Have food, drinks, chairs, shade, blankets, and bathrooms available as needed. Happy guests make for a great celebration!
  • Thank people for coming to celebrate with you.
  • Send prompt and heartfelt thank you notes for any gifts you receive.
  • Enjoy the day as much as possible!

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